There’re a number of important features that are standard in all antivirus programs. There are so many antiviruses like which comes with many features like virus detection, malware detection, and security.

However, the features you’ll need will probably be different from the next user.

For example, if you’re an avid gamer, the game mode feature will be what you need. And the same holds true if you watch videos and movies on your PC. This is because interruptions like popups, scans and updates will affect your gaming. So the game mode will block these interruptions and only run them when your PC is idle.

Some features which are necessary to buy any antivirus program:

Heuristic scanning

This scanning is designed to catch the newest threats. When they have been identified, your software should automatically scan your PC to check if it has been infected. This scanning feature comes in Webroot antivirus also.

Email Scans

Many threats like phishing scams are now spread through emails. Your antivirus software should automatically scan emails in your POP3 accounts and webmail accounts such as Hotmail, MSN, Gmail etc.

Instant Messaging Protection – Like email, you want to beware of phishing attacks in your IM communications. So make sure your antivirus software includes the protection that blocks intrusions from latching onto your PC files.

On-Demand Scanning

These features enable you to get know that any antivirus software is worth to buy or not. So why have we included it here? Because you need to make sure that the software you pick has the best on-demand scanning feature and removes threats as soon as you click that button.

Scheduled Scanning

This feature enable you to scan your PC without interrupting your work. So you can focus and speed up your work.


This feature removes the virus as it find them. This is a reassuring feature that keeps your computer completely clean. And it eliminates manual cleanups by deleting threats and not quarantining them.

Other Features

There are new features that have emerged in the last few years, and some antivirus programs will have them and some won’t.

Look out for:


This feature is designed to stop criminal attempts from stealing your personal information like your bank details, passwords, usernames, etc. This feature is present in and Norton but you won’t get it in Webroot or Norton Antivirus, unfortunately.

Laptop battery saving mode and Norton both have these features and Norton antivirus too. It is used to delay scans and intensive processes for later in order to increase your laptop’s battery life.

Link Scanner

Surprisingly, is one of the only antivirus programs that include this essential feature. It is an integral web tool that monitors web links and prevents you from clicking on dangerous sites.


This is not an exhaustive list and there’re many other features you should look for when searching for antivirus software. And all antivirus programs release new features each year, so look out for what’s new and good in the industry. Antivirus is the pioneer in the security as we compare it with any other available antivirus programs who are well equipped with so much security features that enable your pc to run smoothly without worrying of threats, virus, malware and file corrupt issue.

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