Webroot is a best-known antivirus software protects your devices against phishing, ransom attacks, viruses, and malware. It can keep your data, files and essential information safe and also scan your files against online threat. But recently Webroot.com/safe planned to discontinue one of its products, which is the Webroot Winguardian. After this declaration, Webroot even reported that every one of those clients who have just purchased the permit for this product, Webroot.com/safe will keep showing trade downloads for the rest of the membership time frame.

Along these lines, when Webroot has suspended this product, it’s presently significant for clients to uninstall the program from their PC or gadget. It’s not something that every user out there understands, thus to help in the successful un-installation below mentioned are a few simple methods.

So, if you wish to know how to uninstall Winguardian 3.0 from Webroot from your computer, here is a way that can help.

You can choose from two methods, one is the manual removal of Winguardian from your PC another is by an automated tool, which will help in an easy un-installation of the app. Using the second method is the quicker and more convenient way of removing this app from your PC, as manual removal might take a lot of time and effort from you.

Know what the manual method of removal is?

You must begin this by clicking on the Start button in the Windows bar. You will next need to browse through the Control Panel and make some choice here. You must then reach the applications list and choose the software you wish to remove, after which you must then opt to uninstall the app. Next, you would now need to proceed with the removal of all the settings and files that have been introduced by Winguardian into your system.

For this, you would need to do a little search in Disk C of your computer. In case you do not have the technical knowledge needed for this step, you can contact the www.Webroot.com/safe technical support desk to get easy help on this step. The removal process will get completed once the PC gets restarted. Even after this step, the errors might remain on your PC after which registry cleaning must be undertaken.


Just removing a program from the menu list is not enough as after installation a number of files are left in your computer. In order to get rid off all these undertakings, a un-installation process is the only solution possible.

Using a professional uninstaller

Using a professional uninstaller obviously has many advantages and much convenience, when compared to manual removal. It’s because you do not need to remove the files separately as the program is equipped for a complete removal capability. Also, the tool helps in getting rid of the junk files. Using an uninstall tool obviously has its set of advantages which are much obvious and worth considering. So using Webroot.com/safe uninstallation program is very quick and safe than manually handle the antivirus.

Get easy support anytime

But, most users not being aware of the technical details often find them unable to undertake any technical task. Just for such users is the professional support for Webroot presented by the home company and any third-party companies.

Availing support here requires making just one call on the toll-free Webroot.com/safe tech support number with no restriction of your time and location.

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